Rotary Club Sponsors “An Evening at the Grapevine”

MARYSVILLE – The Rotary Club of Marysville has announced a special charity event: “An Evening at The Grapevine” on Friday, April 1 at 6 pm at The Ridge Golf & Garden, 17487 Robinson Road. All proceeds benefit the club’s “Lynne Whatley Memorial Service Above Self” local high school scholarship program. The event will feature a professional sommelier, wine tastings, wine […]

Rotary Club Conducting Speech Contest For Union County High School Students

$100 goes to the top speaker, along with an invitation to the District competition where they will be completing for a $500 top prize.

Are you a high school student who can speak in complete sentences? Do you enjoy standing in front of an audience in order make an argument or offer a point of view? Is there something that you feel strongly enough about that you could speak knowledgeably and engagingly about to a room full of people for five minutes on the […]