Property Tax Valuation Appeals Must Be Filed By Friday

MARYSVILLE – Owners of real property in Union County have until Friday to file an appeal to contest their real property value tax as determined by the Union County Auditor’s Office.

As property owners are aware, annual taxes are based on a real property’s assessed value. Union County Auditor Andrea Weaver said earlier this year that if you believe that your property is not worth its assessed value, one can file an appeal, which includes a complaint form and evidence of the real value of the property in question, to the Union County Auditor’s Office. The deadline to do so is Friday at 4 p.m.

Ms. Weaver said that her office is mandated by Ohio law to value properties as close to their actual market value as possible, on which the taxes will then be based. Should a property owner believe that the Auditor’s assessment is too high, resulting in an over-charging of property taxes, then an appeal should be filed with her office by the deadline.

As Ms. Weaver said in January, the best question real property owners can ask themselves is, “Could I sell my property for its assessed value?” If the answer to that question is ‘no’, then real property owners would be wise consider filing an appeal with the Auditor’s Office.

For example, should the tax assessment on your real property in Union County be valued at $250,000, but you believe that the property question has a market value of only $200,000 and have documentation indicating the same, then an appeal is warranted. If it is determined that the original assessed value does indeed exceed the market value, then the property taxes can be adjusted accordingly. Property owners interested in filing an appeal can find answers to their various questions at

There are a number of ways to file an appeal. Property owners can drop off or mail documentation to the Auditor’s Office at 233 W. 6th St. (2nd Floor), email the documents to or fax the documents to 937.645.3057. The appeals and documentation must be received by the Auditor’s Office no later than 4 p.m. Friday, March 31 to be considered.

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