PCVC Approves Rezoning, Gives Assent To Plan And Plat For Maren Reserve

PLAIN CITY – The Plain City Village Council met in regular session Monday and approved two ordinances that will give a jump start to the Maren Reserve Project.

The first was to approve the development plan for the Maren Reserve and was passed with a 4-1 vote, with Council Member Frank Reed voting no on the measure (Council Member Jim Eudaily was excused from the meeting).

The second approved the preliminary plat, also for the Maren Reserve, and this ordinance was approved without a dissenting vote.

A third motion was passed, again by a 5-0 vote, to appoint Becky Atcheson to the Personnel Board of Appeals. Two other motions that were on the agenda – the resignations of Alexa Tomey from the Communications and Marketing Advisory Board and Robert Phillips from the Design Review Board – were pulled off the agenda by Mayor Jody Carney, who noted that resignations for non-contract commissioners or board members need not be brought before Council.

Two rezoning matters were before the Council for a second reading and final vote and both passed without comment or dissenting votes. The first concerned the rezoning of 3.82 acres of land at 225 Guy Ave. from Restricted Industrial District (I1) to Community Business District (B2), while the second was the rezoning of the property at 265 Jefferson St., again from Restricted Industrial District (I1) to Community Business District (B2).

Up for the first reading at Monday’s meeting were three ordinances. The first would approve a supplemental update for the village’s 2023 budget, the second would amend Chapter 913 of the village’s zoning code concerning trees and the third was to accept the Economic Development Strategy as presented to the council in a lengthy report at Monday’s meeting. All three ordinances will be up for a second reading and final vote at the next regular meeting.

Once business was completed Monday, the PCVC entered into an Executive Session to discuss the purchase of property for public purposes. The Council did not reconvene following the session.

The Plain City Village Council is scheduled to meet again regular session Monday, October 9 at 6:30 p.m.

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