Casino Night/Buckeye Watch Party Planned For Saturday Night At Leon’s

In the end, The House always wins.

That’s bad news for anyone who wants to play a little roulette or roll the dice. Meyer Lansky, who knew as much about gambling as anyone who’s ever lived didn’t gamble himself, but he did say that the only game he would mess with if he had to was blackjack, and even then, the odds are with The House.

The odds are even worse should you be on screwdriver number nine and are taking hits on 18 while playing blackjack.

That being said, The House winning is not always necessarily a bad thing. Take Casino Night and Buckeye Watch Party that is coming to Leon’s Garage, 326 E. 5th St., this coming Saturday, September 17 from 5 until 10 p.m.

In this case the House is the Citizens for Schools and all proceeds from the Casino Night and Buckeye Watch Party will go toward rallying support for the Marysville Schools, students and community. Funds raised will go to support the levy for the Marysville Exempted Village School District that will be appearing on the ballot in 2023 and other efforts to support the schools and students.

For the price of admission, patrons/gamblers will receive $1,000 in ‘funbucks’ which can be used to win raffle tickets at the Craps, Roulette and Blackjack tables that will be set up in Leon’s.

Steve Cox said with a laugh that he was “volun-told” that he had been named by the Marysville Business Association to be Chief Cook and Bottle-washer for the Casino/Watch Night operation. But seeing as he has a daughter who is attending the ECHS, it really didn’t take much coaxing to get him to take the job.

While Mr. Cox brings a level of levity and very positive attitude to the role of Casino Boss, he is in earnest about getting the Marysville community to support the schools and keeping them in the upper tiers of the state as far as academics go.

Listen to Mr. Cox’s comments about the importance of supporting local schools:



The price of admission to the Casino Night and Buckeye Watch Party is $75, which entitles the ticket holder to appetizers and dinner, a $10 drink voucher, classic casino games of chance such as Blackjack, Craps and Roulette as well as $1,000 in ‘funbucks’ for which you can gamble your way to win raffle tickets and get a shot at some of the dozens of cool prizes that have been donated by those listed below. There will be live entertainment was well as the The Wet Bandits will hit the stage at Leon’s at 8 p.m.

And of course ticket holders get to watch the Buckeyes thump on the Rockets on one of the numerous TVs littered throughout Leon’s.

Raffles, a silent auction and other activities will be conducted throughout the evening. At the end of the night when the tables are closed, you can take your winnings in the form of raffle tickets and enter them to win myriad prizes that have been donated to the cause of getting the levy passed next spring and supporting the MEVSD. Sponsoring the event are Leon’s Garage, Honda Marysville, Pathways Financial Credit Union, i9 Sports (of which Mr. Cox in the owner), Code Ninjas and Rockford Development Investors.

But after you break the bank at the craps table (putting money on boxcars is a sucker bet), you can then use your wheelbarrow full of raffle tickets to win baskets, doodads, gnip/gnops and dozens of other things to that have been contributed to the Casino Night by The Ridge, Katie Crocco/ReMax, Fifth Third Bank, Union Station 1820/Convention and Visitors Bureau, FlyOhio Ballooning/Honda Marysville/Bob Scobee, Chapman Ford/Joe Chapman, the Dalton Union Brewery and Winery, The Ribbon Box, the Marysville Fire Department, the Walking Distance Brewery,  Bingman Associates, Inc., Chroma Salon, Mrs. Renison’s Donuts, Buckeye Family Pizzeria, Jeff Daniels, Power Plus Excavating, Goodwin Services, LLC and Traci Markert, plus a few others who are scraping together gift baskets and freebies as this is being written.

The Citizens for Schools had a “special code” for which early birds could get $25 off the ticket price which expired Friday, but after a little arm twisting, Citizens for Schools has extended that discount until midnight Tuesday. Visit the ticketing site by clicking here and enter the promo code “MEVSD” when prompted and, voila! You’re a winner already. Corporate sponsorships also remain available.

Should you be going to Casino Night and Buckeye Watch Night, take few tips from an old gambler who’s never won so much as a nickel from any casino but knows it all anyway:

Split aces and eights.

Never draw to an inside straight.

Never hit 18 regardless of how many screwdrivers, Manhattan‘s or craft beers you have had up to that point. In my cups in a Las Vegas casino many years ago, I drew an ace in a seven in blackjack, and having lost all my math skills to the Bloody Mary’s I was slamming down, blithely asked for a hit. The dealer stopped play with minor shock, loudly announced to everybody with an earshot “hitting eighteen” whereas every eyeball and camera in the place turned my direction and watch me lose that $10 bet as he drew a five and a face card. Another bad beat yet again.

But at least if you “bust out” the bank roll at the Casino Night and Buckeye Watch Party Saturday, you can be comforted in the knowledge that every dime you spent or the ‘funbucks’ are going back to supporting the Marysville Schools.

This time The House winning is a good thing.

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