Be A Bridge To The Future

Are you at least 18? Do you have a valid driver’s license? Wanna earn $75 and contribute to the next big thing when it comes to transportation in America?

Then Battelle wants you.

Battelle’s history in central Ohio dates back to 1929 and it has long been on the cutting edge of new technologies as they roll out, engage, study and explore disciplines ranging from health and life sciences to national security technology.

Now Battelle wants to learn more about the way people interact with automated driving systems, the next step in the development in the ‘self-driving’ vehicle that we have all heard so much about.

And what better place to conduct such a study than the Transportation Research Center in East Liberty? It has a closed track, access to plenty of wheels and all the electrical outlets that Battelle will need to plug in the cameras, sensors and computers it will use to help better design a functional ‘self-driving’ car.

This is where you come into play. Battelle needs participants to drive the cars so it can track data. Each participant will have a single session at TRC, which will take about an hour. During their time on the track, drivers will be asked to wear a headset which tracks eye movement as a series of routine driving task are completed, all of which will be meticulously recorded and analyzed. For your time and contributions to science, Battelle will offer you $75 in Amazon gift cards on completion.

Make no mistake; this is a real, live scientific study and not just some chance for you to take a few laps on the TRC track. While the risks are minimal, no more than they would be on any normal drive, drivers must sign a Informed Consent Agreement to participate. Drivers will be in a car that is equipped with an automated driving system, meaning that it can steer and stop itself. Top speed is going to be about 25 MPH and there will be two other people in the car who will give the driver’s instructions and assure that all safety precautions are taken.

Participants must also agree to cover their phone cameras while the study is underway. This is to done to protect other researchers who might be working on different projects at TRC. Battelle and TRC will also require any participants to sign an Access Agreement and will follow appropriate precautions to minimize potential exposure to COVID-19, based on current CDC guidelines.

If you are interested in taking part in the study, please complete the screening survey by clicking here. This survey is strictly voluntary, will take approximately 10 minutes of your time and must be completed in one attempt. All answers are confidential and used only to determine your eligibility for the study. Personal info for those who participate will be kept until the study is complete, while if you are ineligible or decide not to take part after completing the survey, your information will be scrubbed within two weeks after completion of the screening process.

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